Strategy & Targets

Best Way Power Cement’s strategy is geared towards achieving sustainable, growth-oriented value for the Group over the long term. Our objective is to consistently deliver superior quality and innovative products to customers at competitive prices while creating opportunities for safe and fulfilling employment for all our employees. We integrate economic, ecological and social objectives into our business strategy by implementing measures to mitigate climate impact, preserve biodiversity and uphold social responsibility across all our operation.

Operational Excellence

Best Way Power Cement achieves operational excellence by prioritizing customer focus and service quality in a market characterized by standardized products. We strive to unlock the full value of our offerings through superior customer service while maintaining a competitive cost structure across all aspects of our operations. Our primary objective is to enhance productivity in input factors such as labor, capital and energy to counteract inflation-related cost increases. This is particularly crucial in regions with high inflation rates, where we cannot rely solely on increased sales prices to offset rising costs.

Central to our operational excellence is a culture of continuous improvement. We conduct thorough internal and competitor benchmarking to identify areas for optimization. Our aim is to consistently rank in the top quartile across key operational benchmarks, including efficiency, cost structure, productivity, margin, growth and value creation.


Quality Control

Best Way Power Cement is also practicing the best quality control procedures to maintain and enhance the quality of not only products but also of its operations for the following purposes :

  • Exercising comprehensive oversight over production processes, inspections, tests, and financial workflows including procurement, sales, inventory management and delivery.
  • Balancing the optimization of cement production with the maintenance of consistent product quality, while remaining mindful of cost considerations and environmental impact.
  • Ensuring optimal upkeep of plant, machinery and equipment to prevent breakdowns and process errors.
  • Providing employees with clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, along with necessary qualifications to perform their duties effectively.
  • Conducting planned audits and reviews to ensure the effective implementation and ongoing suitability of quality policies, with a commitment to revise and improve processes as needed.
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